Align Strategies & Business Goals to drive transformative changes.

Aligning your strategies with your organization’s business goals is crucial for achieving transformative changes in your project portfolio. This ensures that your project portfolio is in line with your organization’s overall direction and objectives. By doing so, you can prioritize projects that have the greatest potential for delivering business value and achieving strategic objectives. This approach can also help you better manage resources and optimize your project portfolio to meet changing business needs.

Strategic Portfolio Oversight

Achieve centralized control over your project portfolio while enhancing visibility. Consolidate project efforts into a unified and reliable source of information, enabling seamless integration and informed decision-making.

Flexing the Future: Exploring What-If Scenarios for Effective Planning

Optimize resource allocation and enhance execution throughout your complete project portfolio by taking proactive measures. Gain valuable insights into resource limitations and evaluate trade-offs effectively by utilizing scenario planning to visualize potential constraints.

Unifying Goals and Direction: The Essence of Strategic Alignment

Evaluate the performance of your project and product portfolios in alignment with organizational objectives. Gain clarity by visualizing projects in relation to specific goals and comprehending the costs associated with their achievement. Dive deeper to identify and address any issues that may arise along the way.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat

Sun Tzu

Some key features

Portfolio & Work Hierarchies

The OnePlan Portfolio hierarchy comprises three levels (strategic, tactical, and operational) that align with organizational goals, focusing on high-priority portfolios, evaluating alignment to strategic themes and objectives, and visualizing the impact of proposals on business drivers, benefits, costs, and resource demand.

Track progress with the Portfolio Gantt

OnePlan allows for visualizing and managing the progress and interdependencies of multiple projects within a portfolio, featuring a timeline, tasks represented by horizontal bars, dependencies shown as connecting lines, and milestones denoted by diamond symbols on the Gantt chart.

Portfolio Boards

OnePlan Portfolio Board visually tracks and manages plan progress, using columns or lanes to represent stages and displaying key information, aiding in identifying issues and optimizing portfolio management alongside other techniques.

Portfolio Roadmaps

OnePlan’s Roadmap feature enables the creation of strategic visual representations of an organization’s plans and goals, including timelines for activities and initiatives, supporting various roadmap types such as product, technology, and business roadmaps to align efforts towards common objectives.

Analytics Insights

With OnePlan and Microsoft Power BI, gain real-time visibility into all work aspects, enabling confident and proactive decision-making to protect investments, deliver on time and budget, and meet customer quality standards. Access easy-to-use reports and dashboards for meaningful data insights.

AI-Enabled Portfolio Planning (Sofia ChatGPT)

Sofia GPT for Portfolio Planning offers powerful AI capabilities to optimize project portfolios and drive business outcomes, empowering Portfolio Managers, Strategic Planners, and Resource Managers to streamline planning, enhance productivity, and achieve strategic objectives.

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