Collaborative Work & Project Management in Microsoft Teams

Simplify your Work and Project Management

Optimize Team Productivity

Ensure that your teams are in sync regarding critical data and the corresponding actions they need to take.

Valuable insights displayed on each team member’s Home Page will provide clarity on essential tasks that are due and highlight any potential issues related to data completeness and quality.

Schedule your Project and Work

OnePlan seamlessly integrates with both Project and Project for the web, allowing your team to utilize their preferred tools while ensuring the project is included in the portfolio.

Furthermore, assigned tasks can be conveniently updated within Teams.

View Resource Usage

OnePlan offers views that display daily resource usage for each task in the schedule, enabling you to swiftly identify bottlenecks and conflicts during task and assignment planning.

Plan Work Using Sprints

OnePlan facilitates comprehensive Sprint planning by allowing you to specify the number of sprints, their durations, and other relevant criteria. With the ability to drag and drop backlog items into the respective sprints, you can efficiently organize your tasks.

By clicking on a specific sprint, the backlog will be filtered to display only the items assigned to that particular sprint.

Visualize Work Using a Kanban Board

Visualize your work more effectively using customizable Kanban boards. These boards allow you to easily drag and drop cards across different columns, providing a visual representation of your workflow. As you plan your tasks, track their status, and assign work to teams, the Kanban board serves as a dynamic, interactive tool. It not only enhances your project management capabilities but also promotes transparency and collaboration within your team. Experience a streamlined workflow and improved productivity with the use of Kanban boards. They are a simple yet powerful tool for managing and optimizing your work processes.

Efficiently assign work and receive updates from your team across tasks, backlog, issues, and changes. Resources benefit from a unified view that encompasses all their assignments.

Manage All Your Work in OnePlan