Delivering Products in an Agile way

Streamline project management by utilizing OnePlan ‘s Agile functionalities for iterative task planning and scheduling

In the pursuit of peak productivity, it’s crucial for teams to adopt an Agile approach that aligns with their unique needs. In any organization, diverse work streams necessitate distinct tools, which can sometimes lead to a disjointed tool set and disconnected teams.

OnePlan is designed to address this challenge. Instead of enforcing a one-size-fits-all methodology, OnePlan empowers your Agile teams to work in the way they find most effective, while maintaining comprehensive visibility at the portfolio level.

The solution serves as a unifying platform, bringing together all work-related activities. It allows teams to choose and use the tools that best fit their specific tasks. Whether it’s Azure DevOps for software development, Microsoft 365 Planner for task management, JIRA for issue tracking, or any other application relevant to their work, OnePlan integrates them all.

By consolidating all work within OnePlan, we enable a seamless workflow where teams can leverage the tools they are most comfortable with. This not only enhances productivity but also fosters a collaborative environment where every team member can contribute their best.

Embrace the freedom of choice, and experience a new level of productivity and collaboration in your organization. OnePlan – Your Work, Your Way.